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  • Call Senator McCaskill & Senator Blunt - Vote YES on the 2018 Farm Bill! 

    The Farm Bill is reauthorized every five years. 2018 is a Farm Bill year and the version in the Senate is our best chance at a Farm Bill that supports our values. Missouri's Senators need to support an amendment by Senator Chuck Grassley to restore accountability and fairness to Title I, which was unable to come to a vote in committee due to a procedural requirement. The amendment will place a hard cap on the total amount of commodity program payments and benefits any one farm can receive annually, and will strengthen “actively engaged” rules to ensure that large operations cannot endlessly multiply payments by adding non-farm investors. Sen. McCaskill & Sen. Blunt also need to defend the good parts of the bipartisan Farm Bill that benefit local and regional food systems, rural business development, conservation, food access & security, beginning & socially disadvantaged farmers, crop insurance, and research. Use our online tool below to find talking points and contact information before for our Senators. You can leave MCE notes on how the call went, which is helpful for our staff when following-up with Senator McCaskill & Senator Blunt. 




    Request For Proposal

    For Logo and Branding Strategy

    Please submit proposals to Melissa Vatterott at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by June 29, 2018 with "Regional Food System Brand" in the headline.

    About the St. Louis Food Policy Coalition

    After releasing the St. Louis Regional Food Study in November 2014, Missouri Coalition for the Environment (MCE) sought to bring experts and passionate individuals together from diverse interest groups to address the food system needs of the Greater St. Louis area. In St. Louis, there are many great, local efforts addressing hunger, food access, sustainable agriculture, nutrition, social justice, community, and economic development. The St. Louis Food Policy Coalition (STLFPC) seeks to bridge these efforts to form a coordinated, local food system. The STLFPC vision is a thriving local economy in the Greater St. Louis area where everyone has access to affordable, healthy food from local producers who are stewards of our soil, air, and water resources.

    Project Goals

    MCE, as the backbone organization of STLFPC, plans to create a regional food system brand that will boost the entities that are committed to our communities of need and to improving our food system in a way that educates consumers to shift behavior so that we may have a thriving, equitable, sustainable, local food system. The regional brand will be used to identify produce, value-added products, meat, and dairy from environmentally-responsible urban and rural farms, businesses (grocery stores, community food markets, and restaurants) and organizations that use or sell those local products, and the value-added food products created by local communities through food entrepreneurship opportunities. There will be a set of criteria developed for each type of entity that STLFPC would want to promote with this brand. This logo will be incorporated into a website, the STLFPC Facebook page, and other possible future web presence/venues that a regional brand may have. It will also be used on letterhead, business cards, brochures, banners, bus advertisements, and other print materials as needed. It is expected that the development of a regional brand will evolve as part of a conversation with STLFPC members. The brand logo may have variations based on the type of entity or product it is used to promote or identify. A ‘creative strategy’ or brand document will be produced capturing how the existing mission, values, and priorities of regional brand are reflected in the proposed logo.

    Project Scope

    We expect the consultant to:

    • Conduct focus groups with our primary internal and external audiences to determine current perceptions of local food

    • Develop a brand strategy that specifies the organization’s primary audiences, brand values, personality, value proposition, brand positioning and brand promise

    • Develop brand messaging and train staff on its use

    • Lead the development of a name for the brand

    • Create a tagline for the brand

    • Establish a visual identity for the brand and create a visual identity standards manual or brand book that governs the use of the identity

    • Conduct focus groups with identified audiences to determine perceptions of draft  brand

    • Develop print collateral, including brochures, letterhead, window decals, bus advertisements.  

    • Establish initial web presence for brand

    • Guidance on brand launch

    Required Deliverables

    • Findings summary and brand strategy document

    • Key Messages

    • Name

    • Tagline

    • Visual Identity with logo files saved in EPS format

    • Brand Book or Visual Identity Standards Manual

    • Print collateral and templates (list)

    • Website

    • Staff Training

    Proposed Timeline

    The brand materials will be ready for a April 2019 launch, so that we can take advantage of a summer fresh, healthy food advertising campaign on St. Louis Metro buses and along MetroBus routes.

    Proposal Requirements

    Firm Information

    Provide agency’s name, address, URL, telephone and fax numbers. Include name, title and e-mail address of the individual who will serve as agency’s primary contact. Include a brief description and history of your firm.

    Project Approach

    Please explain your project approach, style and process.

    Provide biographies of key staff

    Please include a summary of experience of all key staff.


    Proposals should include a list describing projects that are similar in scale that your firm has completed. Please include at least one in-depth case study that includes a limited number of creative samples. Where possible, highlight work for analogous organizations and work that demonstrates of St. Louis’s diverse communities.

    Schedule and Timeline

    The contract is expected to begin August 2018. Please indicate in the proposal how long each task outlined in the Project Scope is expected to take, with understanding that the desired launch date is April 2019. 


    Proposals must include the estimated cost for all work related to tasks and deliverables outlined in the schedule/timeline.


  • Where food, health & the environment come together.


    The goal of the 2014 St. Louis Food Study is to better understand the connections between our food, health, and environment. This Study was the work of former Executive Director, Kathleen Logan Smith, MCE's Food and Farm Director, Melissa Vatterott, and a team of interns over two summers. In order to understand the local effects of the industrialized food system, they compiled data from USDA and Missouri’s Center for Applied Research and Environmental Systems (CARES). Their research demonstrates the clear link between our food, our health and the health of the St. Louis environment. We hope that this study will provide relevant data to individuals and organizations working on food, farm, & health in order to promote a more sustainable food system. 

    Below you will find the seven-chapter Food Study, the abridged report and the executive summary.  Fact sheets on the different topics the Study covers are also be found below.

    Access to the complete dataset behind the Food Study is available for $20.The data is maintained in a spreadsheet and periodically updated as more information becomes available. The spreadsheet includes citations and notes about how the data was collected. 

    To sign up for e-alerts regarding MCE's developing Food & Farm Program please click here


    St. Louis Regional Food Study Introduction and Complete Chapters


    Executive Summary and Abridged Report 


    St. Louis Regional Food Study Fact Sheets




    The County by County Data*

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